Famaos Modern Home design concept

Famaos Modern Home design conceptElegant Spanish Home Design Concept Ideas

This design Modern Concept for home spanish is a famous home modern in spanis. The best way to identify a Spanish/Mediterranean house is by the following characteristics. Exterior walls are usually stucco or brick, often painted white or cream to contrast the roof of the home. The roof itself is generally covered with terra cotta or brightly colored roof tiles and normally have a low-pitched gable or hipped roof. Another distinguishing characteristic is the extension of the side or front wall to form a courtyard entrance or porch. Windows are sometimes casements, framed by wooden or wrought iron grills or second story balconies.The garages can be attached, or detached, sometimes combing guest quarters in the form of a small casita. There is a pronounced use of stucco arches that is usually over main entrances, doors, and windows. As for the floor plans, they are generally asymmetrical, with gabled wings in the form of an L, or U-shape configuration. The courtyards are designed centrally to provide ommunication to the outdoors, from most rooms. Carved doors, pilasters, columns, decorative railings, and carved pattern stonework are also traditional characteristics of Spanish style house plans.Mediterranean/Spanish house plans plans became very popular in the states of Arizona, Texas, California and Florida between 1917 and 1950. Spanish/Mediterranean house plans are built in a variety of forms, and still remain very popular in the United States today, especially in the southern states.