Shaping the interior of the nursery is a heavy responsibility for all of us adults. We need to make decisions instead of the small people whose ideology is very different from ours.
Interior of the nursery room

Interior of the nursery room

A big mistake would be to trust only their own views on how we look nursery. Great suggestions all have furniture stores, but it is still necessary to take into account the views of children.
It is true that sometimes their choices are not cost us very practical - like almost all children and frequently changed their mind, but mostly do not think as adults in the future. That is why, although the choice of color and form, it takes time and parental nerves there factors that should not neglect to avoid common mistakes in interior solutions for the nursery.

Interior of the nursery room

Interior of the nursery room

Mobility and freedom of space
To be a child's room a cozy, its size is of paramount importance, but rather what kind of furniture is furnished.
In addition to stylish and functional, they need to motivate children to develop their creative abilities. Many positive effects have mobile and easily changing their position furniture - these qualities stimulate children's imagination to change the interior, which is a good basis for developing a creative approach to establishing the setting for different games. And children like change, and the right to choose.
Interior of the nursery room

Interior of a children's nursery room

The furniture should be environmentally friendly, the best wood, with no sharp edges and protruding parts that can injure children.
Color solutions
At home the child is based on active learning in kindergarten or school, so it needs room to create an atmosphere that can calm and controlled his undying energy. Psychologists are advised to use warm and bright colors - shades of yellow, pink, green and pale blue.
If you want your child to be alone, so try to put objects in his room that he has access to everything.
Order or chaos